Hide a Cache

Want to place your own cache?

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Pick a dive site - ideally one which you are familiar with. Then decide on where you will hide     the cache in that site. Make sure it will be secure enough that won't be carried away by currents.           
  2. Prepare your cache -  you will need a container which can withstand water and that you can open with gloves!!!!! If it is negatively buoyant it will make things easier.  It is also useful (especially if in the UK) if it is brightly colored. You will need a logbook this can be either a sheet of WATERPROOF paper (waterpad) or a slate. A pencil -  this is not necessarily but will be very much appreciated by fellow divers. Also include a note to other diver-treasure hunters. An example can be found here. If you wish you may also include a treasure - it doesn't have to be big or expensive. Make sure you make the caches resilient. Especially how you tie/anchor the cache and assemble all the bits together. Tying pencil, logsheet and cachebox  to each other, you decrease the risk of losing parts. Use rope or bungee which is strong enough. Cable ties work well! 
  3. Place your cache - Kit up, buddy check and go place the cache! Remember to plan your dive and dive your plan! When placing the cache, if you tether it it will last longer! 
  4. Submitting your cache - Tell us where you placed your cache and give us a brief description so we can add it to the blog & fb page. To concact us: Email us (link below), write in the comments below and/or contact us via fb.  If you are a geocaching member also log the cache on their website

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  1. Hi, I was hoping you could add our cache to your list:


    Gildenburgh Dive Site, Peterborough: An Adventure Underwater

    Check opening times as vary depending on time of year: www.gildenburgh.com

    Giant stride from the far right platform, on a bearing of 30o cache is hidden about 200m out on wreck at about 8metres.

    Cache is a clip lock box with a few small waterproof swaps. There is also a slate to record your visit. Don't forget to check the cabin as often there is a large pike hanging around.

    Buddy up and have fun :-)

    If you need it, here's a hint: There's a melody on this line.


    I have an image I can send if you'd like and I have added the cache to www.geocaching.com (I'm waiting for it to be reviewed) GC6MVMX

    If you need to contact me, my email is dulcie_mclerie@yahoo.co.uk.

    If you can list this before PADI Women's Dive Day (July 16) that would be awesome as the dive site has this cache as part of the day's activities.



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